Are you playing and singing to the audience?
Trust our midifiles ... it will be a success!

We are proud to present all kinds of music, such as many country songs, as well as the goodies starting from the 50's and beyond.

We have a large assortment (6000 songs in Standard Midi File Format) in Dance Music and artists' hit songs in mid-format from across the Nordic region and beyond from around the world. We produce midifiles from Hambo to Bugg, Ballad to Tango, Rock 'n Roll to Lambada, Evert Taube to ABBA.

Prices. The discount is deducted automatically at checkout!

1 song = 69 kr
from 5 songs = 59 kr/song
from 10 songs = 49 kr/song

What does the whole repertoire cost?
from 50 songs = 39 kr/song

Super discount!
from 100 songs = 29 kr/song

The demo tracks give you a picture of the arrangement that you can train after.

Roffe in Musikdatastugan has been musician throughout his life, has been organist in Magnus Kvintett (Monica-Why), had an commitment in the major Swedish dance restaurants at sea and land, has played on, among other things, Straand in Vrådal / Norway and is aware of the pressure of widow dance and polonists in the Norwegian hooks.

For those of you who are looking for a professional accompaniment to play your instrument, we also have plenty of Instrumental music.

The lyrics of the songs are included in a separate text file to press for singalong.

We are the oldest on the Swedish midi scene and know what you want to do to raise the atmosphere on the dance floor. Over the years, there have been about 6000 midifiles that we have created ...

MusikDataStugan is well-known among professional and amateur musicians in Scandinavia.