About us


MusikDataStugan has produced midi music ever since it has been possible to do it in a computer.

Rolf Herbolzheimer is my name as the company founder and since then there has been a music treasure of about 6000 midifiles, from Evert Taube, Vikingarna, Carola to Wiener Vals, Reggae, Rock'n Roll and all kinds of dance styles.

After organist in Magnus Kvintett (1965/66) my career was traveling musician in clubs, dance restaurants, piano bars. I have been to mountain and beach hotels at home and abroad and made sure that the guests enjoyed themselves.


At that time there were no midifiles, so I could probably say that I felt like the "Last Honest Mohican" who played what was heard in the speakers. To my help, I had state-of-the-art instruments that one would have had more hands to keep track of everything, for example, play the base with your feet while you fix the "guitar post" on the bottom manual and solo riffs on the upper Linn drums with pedal for live control ... in addition, singing, smiling at the audience, planning the next dance to further raise the temperature, all at the same time.

Today it's easier for musicians because you can use the midifiles that you download at Roffe MusikDataStugan to use about 65 songs for a dance night.

-A customer said, "Thank you for being, Roffe!".

A father ordered background music for her daughter's performance in a big talent contest.
Then he sent a video, thanked and said that the daughter won.


Somebody needed a musical title very fast to sing for a wedding in the church, no problem, just check in at MusikDataStugan and download it home. Smart!

The best way to judge the music available at MusikDataStugan is to preview the song.
I who have MusikDataStugan agree with what the customers say: My midifiles swing ... hear yourself !!!

Well met! Roffe.